Warrior Gene

This story’s been on a variety of news media lately, including some good coverage and discussion on NPR… what do you make of MAOA the “Warrior Gene”?

USA Today

News Scientist

– or, for that matter, our calling it that instead of, say, the “violence gene” or the “sociopath gene”? I’m with the commenter at USA today who posted “Bar fighting @ssholes are not real warriors.” No need to glorify aggression as inherently useful- fighter or killer might be a bit more value-neutral, I suppose, although still tied up in our gender expectations of men. For what it’s worth, Henry Rollins came out negative.

The ongoing nature/nurture debate has some implications towards an actor’s approach to understanding a character, in a more general sense as well.

Food for thought, anyway. National Geographic’s special, Born to Rage, airs Saturday.


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