Catching up on shares

Time to catch up on links and shares, if only so I can clear out my mental list of “oh, meant to talk about that”.

In the personal projects category:

…Some of the good folks I got to work with at the Paddy Crean, linked for my own future reference as much as anything:

Thomas Potter was from

Ian Rose Fights

Bob Goodwin’s LA Film Fighting and Stunt Fighting Workout

Dave Boushey’s Stunt School


Tim Klotz’s Youngblood

…And in the general interest categories of sword & stunt news of the last couple weeks:

Nerd Violence, aka “Sword collecters are mentally unstable geeks and then some”. Anyone who hasn’t exhausted themselves on this elsewhere already, feel free to discuss.

Medieval Fight Book. History Channel looks a bit at Talhoffer. Don’t get cable, but curious to know how they’ll treat it. There’s much more cohesive treatises out there, martially speaking, bu maybe the ambiguity is a plus for them- less likely to be legitimately called out for doing something wrong. I’ve seen people do pretty much every other part of Talhoffer, but not the bits they do here (war machines and the male vs. female judicial duel), so points to them for tackling the novelties I suppose.

Braun McAsh’s New Book Fight Choreography; a practical guide for stage, film and television. Curious to see what it’s like (just flipped through a copy briefly in Banff). Not too many books really address the topic- best I’ve read so far is Suddeth’s Fight Directing for the Theatre, which I really ought to re-read some time- it’s been a decade since I read it I think. Hobbs wrote one of course, Fight Direction for Stage and Screen, but it’s short and really just a collection of anecdotes. There’s also Fight Choreography: the art of non-verbal dialogue, which I had high hopes for but I found more a discussion of the types, history, and writing of action movies than a useful treatise on our specialty.



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    I’m still sad I didn’t give you a copy of my book when we ran into each other last year. I’ll have to get one to you soon.


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