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Short post tonight, as it’s been a crazy day/week… but I wanted to share an Indian (Southeast Asia, not Native American) take on some Western ideas I’ve discussed here recently in my post on gun defense and civil self-defense.


I’ve already shared this story elsewhere, but it’s worth considering side-by-side with the American acts of violence. A Gurkha-trained soldier finds the point at which he won’t just sit by and watch bad things being done to innocents around him, and takes a stand, drawing his kukri and taking out 11 armed bandits, driving away the other 29. He certainly lives up to the legendary history of the Gurkha (Worked for the East India Trading Company? Do I smell a fun action scene in the next Pirates of the Carribean movie?).

It’s a remarkable story mostly because of this man’s heroism and skill, with some familiar themes (his comment about carrying his knife echoes- and is re-tweeted by- thousands of 2nd amendment Americans, and the idea of citizens standing up is what my other post was all about) and some differences. Besides the exotic locale and weaponry, consider this:

  • There is no mention of any other passengers standing up, or coming to this gentleman’s aid. Not a single civilian. I think we’ve seen that when things like that happen in the US, it’s generally either nobody stands up or several do- once the first person has, others are likely to, whether effectively or not.
  • He was singled out because of his military status. There was apparently no expectation for civilians to respond just as fellow humans.
  • His government is rewarding him with cash and prizes, not just speeches.

…and oddly there was no big dance number, since otherwise this sounds like a Bollywood action hero.

The big news from there now is of a sci-fi action movie though, and it’s campy derivativeness is giving lots of folks in the US a good laugh. Here’s just an action montage:


But yes, it does have dance numbers. Still, who needs snazzy robots with cheezy one-liners when you can have a bad-ass 35 year old do-gooder with a knife? Personally, I’m always going to root for the 35 year old human who just happened to be in the wrong place at the right time.

At least for another year or so, I hope you’ll all side with a 35 year old knife practitioner too… heck, I might even consent to a dance number.


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