Citizen response, corporate lag

As another follow-up to my earlier post on citizens and gun defense (Starting here, with some more thoughts here), in what seems to be an increasingly democratized approach to civic self-defense, I give you another example:

Wal-Mart employees disarm violent armed shoplifter who tries to take hostage.

Granted, that’s not the actual headline, which instead reads: 4 Walmart employees fired after disarming gunman caught shoplifting. If we buy the corporations-as-individuals concept, Wal-Mart would be your typical middle-American Republican from “flyover country”; not typically anti-gun or anti-violence, although they might try to censor your music and movies on occasion (not for violence, just bad language or sex, which it apparently deems more dangerous to our society). I’m surprised by this reaction, but not that surprised- it just shows that they’re about 5-10 years behind the social curve… and when you put it that way, it isn’t the least bit shocking.


Finally, on a lighter note, just to prove that realism isn’t limited to naturalism, I give you soldier bunnies; Cat Shit One, an adaptation of a manga. Not for the little kids, due to graphic violence and language (Wal-Mart would disapprove). I’d seen the trailer at least a year ago, but now we have the full thing online.


Starts with an ad: Skip ahead to 1:14.



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