Up and Coming

Things have been getting busy (when were they not?), but some of it’s worth sharing here:

Troy Women

A grad student production at VCU- I’ll be helping out briefly with some fight stuff for them this weekend. Work hasn’t yet started on The Bluest Eye (next mainstage show I’m doing), and while the run of Legacy of Light (last one I did) still has two weeks, my work on it is long done, so this worked out perfectly.

Acting of Killing & Dying Workshop

Saturday intensive through Richmond Shakespeare, March 12th. Really need to come up with a catchier title for this- did a short version at the Paddy Crean and called it “Selling Death”… which was catchy, but left out the interesting bits about being on the other side of the weapon. Anyway, click the title for more info or to register.


Virginia Beach Bash

I’ve been confirmed as an intern now- no pay, but it means I can afford to go and play, meet more of the local SAFD folks, maybe get some renewals taken care of, etc. Again, click the title for more info.


Summer Workshops

I’ve now been confirmed as teaching two summer arts programs for high school students, as part of programs VCU runs. One is an intro to stage combat course, the other a one weekend intensive on shooting action movies. Both should be great fun.

Web series/Contest

I’m submitting a proposal for a marketing campaign contest that includes shooting a short action miniseries for online distribution. If anyone local is interested in helping out, I’m starting to put together a mental resource list. If chosen I’d be starting mid to late April, lasting three months, but there’s plenty that can be done in advance- including figuring out a script and storyboards, both of which could be done with those not in Richmond, too.


Next academic year

I’ll be doing fight direction for Shakespeare’s R&J, by Joe Calarco- VCU’s first mainstage show of the Fall. They’re actually doing two simultaneous stagings; one all male, one all female, and that includes the fights- I’ll just be doing the male cast’s fights.

I’ll also be co-teaching Jr. level Movement with Broadway vet Penny Ayn Moss, and I’m submitting a proposal to design and teach a course on generating social media content, with an emphasis on video production.

I’m hoping to direct my own show as well, and will need to be doing my thesis, but both of those are still… nebulous. Currently devouring scripts to try to figure out what to do, as the deadline for submitting proposals for the Fall season is rapidly approaching.

In the Spring, amongst other things, I’ll be assistant directing Putnam County Spelling Bee.

Two years goes damn fast these days- I have this theory about subjective time- it accumulates momentum, perhaps dragging when you’re young but by the time you’ve accumulated enough of it the inertia just keeps barreling on. Just over a year to when I’m planning to finish my degree and be trying to get a faculty position… seems crazy, but I feel like I got off to a bit of a late start, so I’ve got some catching up to do now.

Back to work!


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