I should have added in that last post, when I mentioned Legacy of Light, a few things that I’ve already shared on the Fight Designer, LLC Facebook page- amongst a number of other things shared there, not all of which I’ll bother blogging about. If you’re on Facebook, you really ought to just go ahead and add the page.

Things I’m proud of with this show:

  • Honestly I had concerns going in: they didn’t want the swordfight to look like anyone was in danger of actually getting hurt, or like they knew too well what they were doing. This can often lead to just sloppy fighting with no stakes, but I think we got past that.
  • Postage stamp sized stage, with levels? No problem.
  • Punch to the nose (two of ’em, actually), done with audience on three sides. This is a particular technical challenge, but I think we pulled it off:
  • From one of the performance reports: “Of special note… Lewis punching Peter was so convincing from the booth that I was sure contact had been made. Katie was waiting backstage with an ice pack for Ricardo, but everything was okay – they’re just that good.” Kudos to the actors for making it look good, and the running crew for being prepared just in case.
  • Positive review in the Times/Dispatch: “Kevin Inouye contributes top-notch fight choreography.”

Expect some SETC reports shortly- although they charge far too much for wireless at the hotel, so it may have to wait until afterwords.


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