Is Interest in Webseries gigs… SAGging?

Very interesting development that was just pointed out to me by Bob Chapin, who created and runs the web series The Hunted. As readers and friends may well know I did an episode for The Hunted (Fuzz Meets Fangs) a couple years back as a part of their first competition, and they may well have another one coming up.

I may also be starting a web-based miniseries of my own, as a part of a marketing plan I pitched to an airsoft gun company for a competition they were running- I should hear back about that one in a few days.

The financial basis of new media has always been a bit uncertain, and with it the motivation for people working on them. Sure, there’s the love of your art, but how much can you really put in to something without having any realistic hope of payoff on investment? Okay, so there’s demo reel footage and exposure, but without likely compensation there’s only so much production value or technical quality you’re likely to pull in (note that I didn’t say artistic value, which is not necessarily related to anything financial).

However, now we’ve got another potential hook: SAG membership.*

Under what may be a temporary inroads, you can now work towards SAG eligibility by doing a webseries. This opens up membership potential to thousands of would-be serious actors (and many thousands of hacks) who don’t happen to be in LA, or don’t have the right connections to get in on the voucher system, or are otherwise not connected to the cool kids club.

The relative merits of joining the union are another debate, and one I expect we’ll hear a lot more people discussing soon, but this opportunity certainly makes participating in online media that much more attractive for the usually uncompensated talent!

Good writeup and explanation HERE.

SAG page link HERE.

So, who wants to work on a web series?

*May or may not be allowed in the State of Wisconsin…



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    Any chance you’re looking to come back to Seattle for another run?

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