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Finally got around to renewing a few of my SAFD weapons categories, something that those of us in the rank and file have to do every three years. VCU alum Matt McKay was back in town finishing up some things he’d left undone in his time here, including testing in Sword & Shield, Quarterstaff, and Smallsword (three of the eight SAFD categories). It was a pleasure getting to work with him, and I’m now good for the next three years in all three (with Recommended status in the first two). Given that I didn’t acquire all 8 at the same time, nor have I ever renewed all 8 at the same time, there’s a pretty constant need to be on the lookout for opportunities to renew if you want to stay current- which I need to be next Summer in order to apply for the Teacher Training Workshop. I’ve sent in my application to intern at NYC’s Summer Sling workshop, and might get to take care of a few there, but VCU students are also fortunate to have both an SAFD Certified Teacher and Fight Master en suite, so I’m not too worried about it.

I should have some new headshots and posed action shots up in the next week or so, having done a local photoshoot last week. Looking forward to that, and to getting listed/trying to get more local acting gigs. Figured I should wait for more accurate headshots, post-shearing.

Final share for the day is an interview with Larnell Stoval about his fight choreography work in recent movie and webseries productions:

Larnell Stoval re: Mortal Combat Legacy

Nothing too earth-shattering in the interview, but it’s nice to see someone up-and-coming finding his groove. Mortal Combat: Legacy is currently being released- I believe they’re up to about episode Six by now.

Pardon the ad in front, but I believe that channel’s the only one with the full episodes so far. The teaser trailer, released a while back, got a fair bit of buzz going. It featured, amongst others, Lateef- my favorite stuntman capoerista.


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