Summer Status Update

Apologies for the relative lack of activity on the blog front lately. It’s been a busy couple weeks, teaching Public Speaking at VCU in the mornings then rushing over to a local high school to teach stage combat in the afternoon to their Junior and Senior theatre classes. Sounds like I may well be seeing half of those seniors at VCU as Freshmen in the Fall, so perhaps it’s just getting a head start. I think it went well, and the instructor’s going to work on finding funds to bring me back in the Fall to work a fight scene in to a showcase they do every year. The public speaking class has one more week left.

Still trying to figure out the best use of the limited time between that and my next round of teaching (Stage Combat for the VCU Summer Discovery series, plus a weekend intensive for them on shooting action scenes) and classes (that pretty well coincides with the beginning of the session where I’m taking Pedagogy and Theatre History, both requirements for my MFA). There’s certainly quite the competing list. Probably one of the lowest on it but the most appealing due to simplicity and satisfaction is building up some sword blanks I got a deal on- I’ll probably do a post on that later as it’s resulted in some experiments in producing the fastest and cheapest stage-combat-worthy hilts I’m willing to call my own.

Took time off today for a family trip to Hampton, VA for the Blackbeard Pirate Festival. Missed the various swordplay acts and pirate battles they have throughout the day, unfortunately, but did get to ogle a number of cannons and some nice costumes- it struck me as a sort of cross between a Ren Faire and the SeaFair Pirates Landings back in Seattle, all set downtown.

With the various demands on my time, blogging isn’t always my highest priority. To be blunt, as stage combatants tend to prefer, it’s actually pretty low on the list in general. That said, I do try to have much more regular, if shorter, shares and updates on the Facebook page for Fight Designer, LLC, so if you’re on Facebook and haven’t already, do “Like” me there.

I did also mention in the last post that there would be new pictures coming soon, courtesy of Dawn Yilmaz/Devign Elements. A number of them will require some photoshopping prior to release, as there’s things like visible stunt pads at the bottom of the frame, etc… but to finish tonight’s post, here’s a few just to whet your palate, as well as a new head shot or two:



  1. Posted June 5, 2011 at 12:29 pm | Permalink

    Love the kusari-gama action pic. May I share that one on my blog?

    • Kevin Inouye
      Posted June 5, 2011 at 4:14 pm | Permalink

      Of course, go right ahead. Just credit the photographer.


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