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Thanks to the skills and labor of Shirley “Crasher” Chung over at Absolutely Perilous, there’s now another big batch of Paddy Crean pictures up on my Facebook page. I should probably put some on the Fight Designer page as well, as there’s a couple of me teaching. Crasher’s covered so many events I’ve participated in: Multiple Paddy Crean workshops, ISMAC, my FmF video shoot, etc… she’s really carving out a niche for herself in martial arts and stunt action photography, and I hope it works out well for her- she’s a great person as well.

So, in keeping with the picture heavy theme of the last couple posts, here’s a brief selection of another photographer’s work in which I’m honored to appear. All photos copyright Shirley Chung.

The public gallery is now also available HERE AT ABSOLUTELY PERILOUS.


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    Just wanted to thank Kevin / Fight Designer for giving me props! You are too kind! Kevin is awesome to work with, thanks for giving me opportunities to learn! You teach me even when you don’t know you’re teaching me! 🙂 Cheers!

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