Checking in

I think I may be heading in to a brief time of respite, by which I mean a chance to catch up on all the other projects I meant to be doing this Summer and haven’t started yet.

This morning I had the last of four sessions at Cumberland public schools, teaching an 8am-12:15pm stage combat class this week. Given the hour and a half or so commute, that’s made for earlier mornings than I’d usually do, but it was a good opportunity, and I think they really appreciated it. By the end of today I had the mix of Jr. High and High School students doing a reasonably complex swordfight- much more than I was able to get in to with the Henrico High kids, as probably only had a quarter the time with them. Budget permitting, I’d love to do more with Cumberland in the Fall. I do wish my friend Eric Slyter were local- he’s got a great educational program he’s running out of Moses Lake, WA that would be right up their alley.

The Knights of Veritas

The aluminum swords mentioned previously were definitely the right choice for this kind of class. They seem to be holding up just fine, and the only real complaint was that the grip tape I used was still a bit tacky on some of them- something that will go away on its own with a little time and use. I’ll probably use these again for the VCU Summer Arts workshops as well, even though I’ve got the option of using VCU’s armoury for free.

Then this afternoon I had an audition/interview for representation with Uptown Talent. Billy Caldwell will be acting as my agent now, and I’m hoping I’ll be able to pick up more screen acting work. Stunts may or may not be a part of that, and I discussed the possibility of running a basic film fighting workshop for some of his talent there, but this is really about me taking the next obvious step towards becoming a legitimate actor. I enjoyed the meeting/audition, and hope good things come of it.

Finally, looking ahead, I received notice that I’ll be able to intern at the upcoming Summer Sling stage combat workshop in NYC in August. Looking forward to that- should be an opportunity to meet a few more of the East Coast SAFD instructors who I don’t really know yet, as well as see some friends and get to play.


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