Changing gears again

Shifting back through time, in a way; here’s a project I worked on a couple years ago, and posted about just over a year ago in reference to one of the actors who sadly was killed in action in Afghanistan. Still, that’s the nature of indie film; Clutch was influenced by and treads a very similar track to Bullets, Blood & a Fistful of CA$H, (so far most widely released as CA$H) and that was at least five years to distribution. Jay Rowlands, director of Clutch, acted in CA$H and was friends with Sam Akina, the director.

Latest word (may not even be official yet, but thanks to YouTube subscription I saw that it was uploaded) is that the official trailer is now finished and online:

The DEA raid scene I consulted on/armed/acted in appears at about 1:20. It was a lot of fun to shoot- everyone on set had a great attitude, we got to shoot off a bunch of blanks (including 12ga shotgun blanks, which at one point knocked off a clock face from the wall 30 feet away just from the shockwave of sound), smash open a door using a solid metal door ram, etc. Those who follow my projects will also recognize some of the POLICE T-shirts that were seen in the opening briefing scene of FmF.

Incidentally, The Hunted (which FmF was a part of) has made its Kickstarter fundraising goal for a feature film version. Big congrats to Bob Chapin for that. Sounds like he’ll also get a big boost for his series at the upcoming CombatCon martial arts & stage combat convention in Vegas, where they’ll be shooting an episode and networking with affiliates. Lots of friends and associates of mine will be there, as will lots of people I’ve only known online and would love to meet- but it’s not to be, this year. Still, sounds like it’s set up to be a very successful inagural event, and I wish the creators (including IOSP friend Jared Kirby) best of luck.

Combat Con: be there or be as square as I am.




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