Another drive-by post I’m afraid, as I’m now in class 9:30am-noon and 1-3pm and teaching 3:20-5:15 every weekday for a while, with 100+ pages of homework to read this first night… plus a weekend intensive this weekend which they overbooked despite explicit request (in answer to a question on their proposal form, even!)  but I wanted to share this while the news was fresh.

You can now get DoF adapters for your iPhone:

Click for the link

Honestly, it’s not much different than something I got a few years ago, the no-longer-being-made JAG35Pro vibrating Depth of Field adapter. It lets me use 35mm SLR camera lenses on my old Canon HV20 camcorder, for selective depth of field and more optics choices. Granted, it required a number of workarounds; it flips the image upside down, so ease of use meant adding an external monitor, it means only manual focus, etc. This resulted in a very home-made slapped together rig which was three times the size of the original camcorder, but mounted camera, adapter, lens, monitor, home-made follow-focus, XLR adapter, microphones, etc:

You lose a couple stops of light going through the extra glass and tubes, but given enough light and ability to focus, it got decent results.

For a nice with/without comparison, check out this video for Antioch University Seattle (my former employer) that I assisted with. I shot about half the footage with my HV20 and adapter. Another person shot the other half with a bare HV30 (basically the same camera). You can certainly tell which is which.

Really, it’s nothing that you can’t already do better with a Cannon 7D (which I still lust after but don’t feel like I can afford), but it was a cheaper answer for me at the time, and remains an interesting option now for your cellphone video/still camera.

Now I’m wondering if I can use my JAG35 with my iPhone- which I probably already can, given a small adapter and my OWLE BUBO


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