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I expect you’ll be hearing little from me this Fall, as you have over the last month or so; Fall Semester is overbooked for me, as I take four classes, audit another, teach another, direct a show, choreograph fights, get things in order for the SAFD teacher cert workshop application, and hopefully do some acting.


I just came back from an audition in Williamsburg for a full budget SAG feature, which will include several friends and acquaintances of mine- Former SAFD instructor David “Pops” Doersch will have a role I think he’s perfect for, and local stuntman Kid Richmond is doing some burns I think. For the benefit of the Paddy Creanians in my audience (AWHOO! AWHOO! AWHOO!), Michelle Ladd’s husband is 2nd unit director (and they just had another baby, so he wasn’t there). Upon showing up for this morning’s stunt audition I was pleasantly surprised to see Richard Ryan teaching the demo fight (and even more pleased that he recognized me post-haircut), and right after I got there we were joined by Mike Yahn (SAFD instructor I recently met at the Summer Sling in NYC) and Corey Pierno, who I did a knife SPT with at the Sling (and who owed me $10, so that worked great!). So nice to feel like a part of the community, even when the community unexpectedly drives down from NYC. Another Sling intern has just been accepted to the Movement track of the MFA Theatre Pedagogy MFA at VCU, so we’ll be well represented now; Dan Granke joined us this Fall, and was head intern at the Sling.


Speaking of which, some pictures from the Summer Sling can now be previewed at Craig Lawrence’s site.

Assisting Lewis Shaw with Wallerstein


It occurs to me I never posted about the Sling experience… maybe later, as I have to ship out some props and then run to Mask class, but for now suffice to say it was a blast.


On today’s audition: I’m a bit worried I didn’t push myself enough. I’ve noticed that I’ve become in some ways  too comfortable with swordplay… such that it’s routine and habit and I don’t stop and think often enough about exactly what I’m doing, or about how to make it best for the situation I’m in at the time. Can’t let myself become a creature of habit- I need to keep pushing myself to be a better actor and performer and teacher, and that means getting beyond the plateau I may be on at the moment. When next I cross swords with any of you, do me a favor and remind me to be a bit less comfortable!



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    I was just writing about this in the stage combat book sequel! Remembering what it means to wield, and what reason your character has for wielding.

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