Exciting times!

Definitely keeping busy!
The auditions mentioned previously went well, as did a follow-up with second unit director Thom Williams, and I was given verbal agreement for three week’s work. A call today with dates shows they’re just doing one week at least for now, in mid-October. Lines up with Reading Days at VCU, so I miss less class, which is great. Lines up with my wedding anniversary, which is less so, but perhaps a rain check will suffice, and with it being just an hour away I’ll be home at nights.


I also have a tryout this weekend for the horse wrangler for a certain high profile move shooting around here later (possibly December, but no dates yet). This one is the reason I’m all shaggy-looking these days, as I auditioned for day player or extra with them and was advised that they wanted bushy beards and shaggier hair.

Either of these should be able to get me SAG membership as well, which, while not as necessary around here (VA being a right-to-work state), still would improve my CV and thus my chances at the faculty jobs I’ve been applying to.

Got my first job rejection for faculty work, surely a graduate school coming-of-age landmark. Carleton College- it would have been a great fit culturally and department-wise I think, but it’s going to be hard for me as a “yes, by Fall 2012 I’ll be qualified, even though I’m not now...” to compete with MFAs, PhDs, and more nationally recognized professionals. One more already submitted, and several more slated to turn in this Fall. Wish me luck.


Shakespeare’s R&J opens this weekend (I did fights for the male cast, but VCU is fielding two casts at the same time, one all male one all female), and my scene for the Freshman Discovery Project at VCU opens next Wednesday night. Auditions for my December show The Clink happen this coming Sunday and Monday at VCU as well. Busy, busy times!


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