Battle Cry

Things progress! Shakespeare’s R&J has been well received, my scene for the Freshman Discovery Project has as well (one night down, one to go), and I had fittings this last week for four different stunt characters for To Have and To Hold (English soldier, Spanish musket man, English settler, and River Pirate). It was my first time on a full-budget period film, walking in to a whole floor of the building dedicated to costumes and makeup and hair, racks and racks of gorgeous wardrobe everywhere. Bumped in to a couple other stunt guys I know who will be involved, and recognized at least one of the principles getting suited up (Christopher Judge– damn that guy has arm muscles! It’s like he strapped hams to his biceps!)

Sadly no photos were allowed, so there isn’t much more I can share of that just yet.

In lieu of pretty pictures, have some sounds: I threw this video together as a part of a presentation on the battle cry for Vocal Extremes class. There’s more in text, and I’ll probably try to turn some of this in to an article later aimed at those of us in voice or stage combat who might be asked to design/coach/lead battle chants, war cries, etc. for entertainment venues.


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