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As mentioned in a previous post, there’s been a sudden influx of film gigs for me this Fall. I’ve had my first three days on set doing stunt work for To Have and To Hold now. Thom’s been great to work for, and Christopher Judge, who got to kill me repeatedly, was great as well- wonderful attitude, and very grounded and considerate. I spent the time thus far as a Spanish musketeer, as a part of a pike and musket (and a few horses) unit practicing along the lines of de Gheyn (which I’ve had a copy of for years). This was my first time playing with matchlocks or with mass pike formations- or on a full SAG set for that matter, with multiple 35mm cameras running on each shot, hundreds of people in costume, full trailers for everything from Craft Services to the stunt guys, etc. There were a number of reenactors participating as well, part of a volunteer militia that makes appearances at Jamestown and Henricus. I’ll admit to having some costume and prop envy- the armorers had their own semi that had been driven from California, and while much of their stuff isn’t any better than mine (hanwei swords, rubber dummies, etc) and the nicer stuff mostly was personal kit from the reenactors (some very nice muskets!), I still envy the setup- even if I’m not sure I’d ever personally want to be involved in props rentals or wrangling on that scale, as it becomes more about logistics than the deliverables. I could see myself doing the job of the guy who was teaching drills though, and showing people how to handle the muskets- someone who was obviously interested in that kind of thing but had tracked down a copy of de Gheyn and spent a week (paid, I’m sure) training with the guys at Henricus.


I’ll be back on set tomorrow (as a river pirate this time), having had to turn down a paid rehearsal for the Lincoln project as a mounted general as when they called I had just told Thom I’d be there for this other scene… hopefully that won’t cost me the Lincoln gig, but I have another possible in with them in that it turns out the guy coordinating their battles is someone I’ve known for years online, and just bought a prop off of last week (a blank firing Luger- hard to find in this country).


Work is just beginning in earnest on The Clink, we begin our swordplay unit in Movement next week, several big projects are coming up in classes, and my film schedule is still completely unknown past tomorrows 8am call (which was told about around 6pm tonight)… but really, with this many good things going on, who can complain? Why look a gift horse in the mouth when you could pretend to ride it in to battle in front of hundreds of extras and several high-end cameras, perhaps with Steven Spielberg watching the monitor?


Wish me luck!

We’re just finishing up the period movement unit in the Movement class I’m co-teaching, so that was a nice immediate example for me to be able to bring in.




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  1. Broadus
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    Good luck bro…GET SOME!

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