Camera Changes

Some day one of my kids might do something in the movies, and add to their list of ‘ways to make their old man feel older’ “Gee dad, you were on FILM sets?”

Film cameras are no longer being made.

It’s been a good run, but it’s just not going to be practical to continue.

In tangentially related news, Canon has announced its new EOS flagship camera, (The 1D-X) with advances which I hope will trickle down to more affordable Video-capable DSLRs by the time I have money and free time to be able to start playing with one.

…even the ubiquitous cellphone camera is advancing rapidly, and my next phone camera in a few years may well surpass my digital camcorder (an old one, to be fair- Canon HV20). Witness the iPhone 4S video.

The times, they are a’changin! I’ve been on at least three features shot on film (including the current one), and worked on a couple shorts as well- heck VCU has a program that still works almost exclusively with it. Can’t see that keeping up too much longer though, at this rate.


Edited to add: 4D (sorta- not sure that title is justified) is now hitting the consumer market too!

LYTRO – wacky little camera, big potential impact on how photography is done.


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