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A birthday present from my wife (who also designed this blog and gives me yet another online home, The text is a constant work in progress, as all job application materials are, but it has been acquiring some sense of completion this week.

Designed to help me find the faculty work I’m looking for next year, the focus there is not on stage combat and stunt work, but on everything else I do in education and the performing arts. Stage combat is a specialty, a love, and a subset of various fields, but it should not (I’d say cannot, but I’ve seen it done with unfortunate results) stand alone. All the people I’ve known who insisted “I’m not an actor, I just do fights” or “I’m not interested in real martial stuff I just want to fake it” or “I’m an actor, let some stunt guy do the fight stuff” represent wasted opportunities, and people who are never going to progress. The worst I think is stage combat without either acting or martial understanding. It’s pretend fighting without the pretend or the fighting: it’s a big hole where something ought to be, a vacuum, and anyone with an understanding of basic physics (which all stage combatants should also know) can tell you what vacuums do: They suck.

So while that link isn’t directly about the purview of this blog (Stage combat, stunts, prop weaponry, etc.) I thought I’d include it anyway as a reminder that we cannot thrive in isolation.

In more directly fight related news, Macbeth opens this week at Centerstage. Our Macbeth and Macduff are both great physical performers, and their fight should be great to watch. I’m looking forward to IDR tomorrow, which may be the only performance I get to see since it otherwise conflicts with Lord of the Flies performances. I’m hoping they’ll have a photo call producing some good images I can share. Both shows run through the end of the month.

I’m also very excited by the possibilities of the new birthday/graduation present from my parents, which I should be getting some time this month: a Canon D60. A replacement for both our current Digital Rebel XT (early gen DSLR) and the video rig version of my also-ancient (in technology years) HV20 camcorder, it should give me plenty of new options for quality video projects, once I get time to play with it. I expect in time it will also be incorporated in to some sort of larger rig for video, including the XLR adapter and mics from the previous rig and perhaps a follow-focus and ergonomic brace… but that implies more free time than I currently have, and is perhaps premature given that I don’t even have the thing in hand yet.

So some day this blog may have more high quality video content than you’re used to!


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