Something Wicked

The aforementioned Macbeth has opened, garnering three great reviews, two of which explicitly mention the fights:


…and fight director Kevin Inouye provides fearsome and believable action throughout, especially in the crashing final battle between Macbeth and Macduff.

-Richmond Times/Dispatch

…which also included a full color cover spread on the arts section, I believe… or maybe that was accompanying the prelim article from when they visited a fight call before opening, I forget. That one came out right before opening, which was perfect timing for publicity.

Banquo fights off a murderer during fight call a few weeks before opening.


Certainly, the war and bloodshed move the narrative along. Kevin Inouye’s exceptional fighting scenes evoke Macedonian athleticism, sometimes ruffling the diction aided by master of verse Molly Hood, and end with a final battle between Macduff and Macbeth that cracks the spine.

…just don’t ask me to explain what Macedonian athleticism means.

The show features several Fight Designer weapons as well as my fight direction. Sadly I won’t get to see it myself, apart from the IDR, but I encourage any and all locals who can to catch the show- Jan did a great job with the direction and the edit. It’s a short run, and several shows are already sold out.


In the meantime, Lord of the Flies continues to go well, having garnered numerous good reviews itself. Both are a part of Richmond’s Acts of Faith theatre festival, and offer their own insight in to the soul of mankind and the choices we make, without being explicitly or dogmatically religious in nature.





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