I’ll do more to integrate this with the website later, but I’m trying out the Affiliates program with Kult of Athena, for anyone looking to purchase their own swords instead of renting:



This is where I purchased the recently reviewed Tinker Line bastard swords, and KoA’s had a rep for years (discussed at Sword Forum Online and elsewhere) as being reputable and cheap. Besides the production lines from Hanwei, Windlass, etc. they also carry some of the harder to get makers like del Tin (I own several del Tins, but all purchased ‘back in the day’), or from smaller makers like Baltimore Knife & Sword (a good way to get their products without dealing with waits on custom orders, etc) or Angus Trim.

On a more personal note, my graduate thesis (Method in Motion; Grounding a Movement Pedagogy in the Lessons of Stanislavski) is approved, my classes almost done, and and job hunt picking up. Exciting times, with more teaching coming up and also the SAFD Teacher Certification Workshop to look forward to in July. It’s been quite a ride, but grad school’s almost done, and I’m eager to see what comes next.


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    Incidentally, this was not my first foray in to the Affiliates territory. I set up an Amazon AStore years ago, when that was their new experiment.

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