New Faces of Theatre

In my current stomping ground of Richmond, VA, two of the major local theatres have merged, Voltron style; Theatre IV and Barkesdale are now becoming Virginia Rep. This seems to be a pattern, as I know both of them absorbed others before I moved here, but the respectability and hopefully financial power of a true regional repertoire theatre could be a good addition to the Richmond scene. VCU co-produced a couple shows with Barkesdale last year, both of which I did fights for, and I hope their positive affiliations can continue with the newly formed rep (new website there).

Meanwhile, back in the old stomping grounds, there’s a new chapter being written for Intiman, which is finally reopening with a new Summer season. The crisis isn’t past for them, but perhaps if they’ve learned from previous mistakes this could still be something good.

I’ve heard people bemoan the number of individuals trying to start new companies, as well as those trying to enshrine those that previous generations created. Regardless, some sort of evolution is needed for theatre to stay vibrant and relevant and sustainable for artists. I don’t pretend to be any expert on arts management, but I’ll follow all these developments with great interest.

Venturing even further afield, Digital Theatre Online shows another new thing in theatre. I bought and downloaded their Much Ado About Nothing and it worked fine. Good way to see some of what’s going on with British theatre. Worked fine, and much more accessible to most of us than the NT Live broadcasts in to select movie theatres– although I’d love to catch their Frankenstein.

In my own personal work, doors are busy opening and closing and people running through them, but without any major progression in plot as of yet; it’s one scantily clad actress away from a French Farce. At least I’m good at pratfalls and don’t mind the comedy.

The Fight Designer, LLC Facebook page has been kept pretty busy with a steady stream of links of interest, as it’s much easier to do that when busy than do a proper blog post. Those looking for more regular tidbits are encouraged to “Like” Fight Designer there. In this blog, as with many other areas, it’s unclear exactly what the next few months, or years, will look like as of yet!


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