Revisiting an old gig here… Last February I was working on Macbeth at Richmond Shakespeare, directed by Jan Powell, then visiting from Portland, now interim Artistic Director for Richmond Shakes (and still going back and forth). It was a great gig, and I very much enjoyed the chance to work with Ryan and Andrew on the final fight.

It also became bring-your-daughter-to-work day for me during tech week, as I picked up A. from her Wing Chun class and went straight to fight call. She got a bit scared by the murder of the Macduff family, but we had a good talk in the car on the way home about the difference between protecting your loved ones and revenge, proper use of kung fu (or other force), legal use of force, family, etc. It’s cool that she’s just getting old enough to be able to have those talks now, although she may have had some interesting dreams that night.

Anyway, we in theatre are less likely to get the DVD extras, the ‘making-of’s and fly-on-the-wall behind the scenes footage, so here’s a rare, if somewhat shaky, peek of me on the job, as shot by my daughter who was kept entertained (and quieter) in part by deputizing her as documentary videographer:


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