There was a post I was going to write… continuing a theme on this blog about personal and communal self-defense. The problem was it was a bit too close to home, taking place in my old stomping grounds of Seattle, and involving the death of several members of the artistic community there. That post may or may not happen.

Instead, I now share some much more fun news from Seattle, the Kickstarter pitch I assisted with earlier this year:

Screenshot of Kickstarter page

Go to the page and scroll down for the more detailed explanation, which also contains a brief clip of me with long hair, back when we lived in Seattle, on one of the days I got to play with the Lonin/BWAHAHAHA group.

Lots of good folks involved in this project, as you can tell from the Thanks list on their page- many great martial artists, swordmakers, writers, stuntmen, etc.

There’s a little bonus video I might include later, but I need to wait and see if they want to use the footage for any of the updates I expect they’ll be adding periodically.

So far the page has been up about a day and it’s at $175K. Not bad!


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