We’re off to see the wizards…

I’m really not sure if I’ll be updating more or less in the coming three weeks. Tomorrow morning I head off for the SAFD Teacher Certification Workshop. It’s been a long time coming, and yet still managed to kinda sneak up on me, especially with the nasty sickness that has been running through my family this last week or two. Set things behind a bit, that did.

At any rate, it will be some very full days, with some pretty high stakes for me, but I’m greatly looking forward to the training, feedback, networking, and mentoring.

In addition to being sick and trying to finish up my TCW preliminaries (syllabus, lesson plan, sample choreography, and more) this week has seen my Fall plan solidifying some. I’m now set up to be an adjunct for one class (beginning acting) at The College of William & Mary, and for a one credit stage combat seminar at John Tyler Community College. I’ll also be teaching at Christian Youth Theatre, and I’m hoping to rustle up several other teaching gigs to fill out the Fall. Hopefully that will include an SAFD Cert class, so if anyone local wants to put in a vote for that drop me a line.

CLANG has just a few more days and about $75K to go. It’s going to be close… check out the updates (videos and more) if that’s something you’re interested in. The technical challenges of the interface are just as interesting as the adaption of historical technique to the genre.

Another Kickstarter video featuring yours truly should be going up soon (they’re having us send in image release forms for it now), so I’ll share that when I can.

But for the next few weeks, the focus is on becoming a Certified Teacher with the SAFD!

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