Swashing the Buckles

This video was something I assembled as a portion of the history presentation segment of the Teacher Certification Workshop. We went more in to the choreographers involved at the time (Cavens, Faulkner, Anderson, Uyttenhove, Heremans, and of course Paddy Crean), but I figured the video would be a good stand-alone introduction for anyone else interested. I had FM J. Allen Suddeth’s blessing on the video, and his and FM Brian Byrnes’ assistance in learning about the development of it as a separate category within the SAFD- both were students of Paddy’s and were involved in the transition within the SAFD.

In retrospect, there’s tons of great and distinctive clips I could have added that got left out, like Danny Kaye in the Court Jester, or the Three Musketeers with Gene Kelley, but if you think of this as a trailer, you wouldn’t want it to give away all the best parts.

Respect the classics, my friends.

As I used to sign off on my blog posts… have fun, play safe, and look good doing it!


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