Last day of Sword & Shield Teaching

Today was the last day of teaching for the National Stage Combat Workshop, and I’m proud of the work my Intro to Stage Combat kids did. These are all young men & women who had little to no stage combat experience coming in to this workshop, I believe, and had just a week of classes with me in sword & shield. More than any technique question, I’m happy in the degree to which I was able to get them to move… yes, there’s still plenty I could do with them given the chance, but not bad for a week’s work!

We did a little video critique this morning, and since they were wanting copies I went ahead and threw some music and credits in there this afternoon:

I’ve also recently consented to ad placement in at least some of my YouTube account, and I welcome feedback on that: Annoying? Don’t care? Other thoughts?

Tonight we had the written and oral final exams for the Teacher Cert workshop, and tomorrow mid-day we get our final results.


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