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The biggest news, if hopefully not the biggest surprise, is that I am now (as of last Friday) a Certified Teacher with the Society of American Fight Directors:

Picture taken at an angle to make it look a little less like I just made this in PhotoShop…

Transition certainly, but neither beginning nor ending of anything really. I look forward to teaching cert classes, getting to go to workshops for free (at some point even paid, I hope), and otherwise taking advantage of this status. I have to say, thus far it’s been an incredibly supportive and welcoming community of peers to join –  I’ll hold on to that rosy glow as long as I can.

Tonight I’m off to yet another conference, in D.C. – the Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE) and the pre-conference for the Association of Theatre Movement Educators (ATME). I’m presenting on a panel for the ATHE conference, alongside one of my undergraduate theatre professors from Earlham College (who’s been in CA for the last 16 years or so), Terry Glaser. I’ll be joined at the conference by people I knew while in Seattle (like Adam Noble),  a number of current graduate students at VCU who I had class with last year, possibly some of my class from the recent Teacher Certification workshop with the SAFD, all in the town where many of my High School friends still live (although at least some are out of town at the moment). Quite the nexus, but then, that’s a large part of what these conferences are about. That, and building your CV, and networking, all of which are good when you’re on the market for full time work.

There’s a fundraiser for a webseries I’m involved in Saturday night as well- I doubt I’ll make it, but for those who are interested their Kickstarter campaign wraps shortly: Broken Continent. They still need about $12K to make their base goal, and I wish them well. My own involvement will likely be minimal (a day or two of stunt work, at least in the first pilot/season), but one never knows where these projects will go. Journey Quest, the web series I did a volunteer acting gig in before leaving Seattle, is currently releasing their second season online and doing quite well (including using SAG contracts for their current work!). Episode 4 was just added to YouTube. Start with Season 1 if you don’t know the series (or just want to see more of me in green makeup with a prosthetic nose), but here’s the latest:

Another recent web series of note (although I have no personal connection to it) is Video Game High School. Freddie has been making side-by-side low budget action and making-of tutorials for ages now, and was one of the early champions of airsoft in digital video work. This is just the latest example, and his work has gotten pretty slick. I think the web series is maturing enough to the point that simply looking professional isn’t enough to set you apart anymore; you actually have to tell a good story and have decent acting (the areas where most fall short). In case there’s any question, this is a good development – but it also means the field is swamped enough that it can be hard to find the nuggets amongst the chaff.

Dropped off some props yesterday for the local TV production of Killing Lincoln, which I’m sad to have had to miss being in, but I wish those involved well. The props folks were familiar from, amongst other things, To Have & To Hold, which has finally at least set up a Facebook page with some pictures. I sign off today with one of their behind-the-scenes stills:

A few seconds before Christopher Judge kills me – but I’m hidden behind him.

Until next time… play safe, look good, and have fun!


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