Kickin’ Starters

I’d like to think I’ve become a good luck charm for Kickstarters, but I’ve probably just gotten better at picking my projects. So far I’m 3 for 3 this year: CLANG!, Broken Continent, and now Gamers 3 has broken Kickstarter’s record for fundraising for a film.

Over $400K, and with an original $320K goal! Awesome work by the ZOE and DG folks, and I’m looking forward to working with them on this project (assuming plans haven’t changed – they’ve been a bit busy of late so we haven’t talked in a couple months).

In the meantime, some of my armour has gone up to MD to be worn in Broken Continent. Sadly I won’t be able to join them as in their reduced schedule (only made their first level goal) there was just one shoot that might include me, and it’s when I’m teaching.

In props news, I’m sad to say that Glock has once again proved to be a Grinch… they’ve completely put a stop on imports of the Zoraki front venting blank gun that at least sorta resembled a Glock 17 with rail. Granted, it wasn’t an exact replica – closer to an XD in some ways, including the grip safety – and the importer offered to engrave “NOT A GLOCK” in the side of all of them, but they still clamped down. Sad – been meaning to pick one of those up, and never got the chance. I recall something similar happening a decade back with some drop-in G17 replacement barrels that were to adapt it for blank fire. Does Glock really not want movies featuring their guns? That seems unwise, a sort of “we’ll pay legal fees and bad PR to ensure a lack of product placement”, so all indie and some major movies will be more inclined to have their cops carrying Beretta 92, 1911s, or other more readily available blank models.

Not a Glock. Glockblocked none the less.

I’ve been busy with the first week of classes at CYT (younger kids acting, teens acting, and a stunts class) and second week with William & Mary. Supposedly things are moving forward on an unarmed SAFD class with VA Rep, but they’re pretty swamped so things move forward slowly. It’s par for the course; Richmond Shakes eventually (to their credit) just said they wouldn’t have time and resources to put in to getting it going this Fall so they deferred for now, and another one of the major local theatres that also does education regularly took a month to email me back after what was not my first email. It’s not news that those of us who choose to go in to the arts are generally not the best at business practices or organization, it’s just sad that the field isn’t lucrative enough to hire the admin help it needs. Many theatres are in a constant state of crisis, one bad season away from bankruptcy… but I guess that’s not too different from many individuals these days, especially individuals in the arts. Things like Kickstarter success offer hope for new possible business models, like ZOE/DG have been pursuing this past couple years – it’s something live theatre has mostly not tapped in to yet, and I’m not sure that exact model would work for live theatre anyway, but I have to believe that the answers are out there, somewhere, if we can change and adapt and tap in to the right things…

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