Busy Season

This does seem to be a busy time of year for most in the theatrical profession… it’s been a while since I updated too so this post is a bit long and full of shares.
On my list at the moment:

  • Choreography: The high school show of Tough! I did fights for won several awards at the Virginia Theatre Association conference, and is headed to SETC next. Sadly I’ll miss SETC this year, as it happens on tech week for a show I’m in. The high school Moon Over Buffalo I did opens next week, and has been a blast. I was amused to find that the male actor I’m working with on the sword fight and stair fall is not just a budding sword enthusiast but knew about Subotai and was thrilled to meet someone involved.
  • Performances: I had a fun little comedy show last weekend as a part of a joint venture between Henley St. Theatre and Latin Ballet. We were doing a translation of a Cervantes short, very Commedia based, with my character being the Capitano. It’s a stretch, I know…
  • I can now focus on learning lines for my role (James) in Time Stands Still at Firehouse, in theory – that’s the first theatrical lead I’ve had in a while, so I want to really get going on that, but:
  • I also need to learn a classical monologue and some scenes from a designated script for the upcoming NMCA Teacher Training workshop I’m doing in January, and have other homework assignments for that already.
  • Classes are in the home stretch at William & Mary.
  • This coming weekend I’ll be up in DC for the Tooth & Claw Combat Arts SAFD workshop Bond Vs Bourne hosted by my friends Casey Kaleba and Matt Wilson.
  • The week after that I’m doing a workshop for Henley Street Theatre at Centerstage (Intro to stage combat). Still waiting to hear about the schedule for the cert classes at VA Repertory, but they are still saying they want to follow through.
  • Showcase performances to wrap up my teaching at Christian Youth Theatre this session. Due to other conflicts and priorities, I won’t be working with them at least for the next couple sessions, so this wraps up my time with them for a bit. I adapted two children’s books for one of Tuesday’s classes, and wrote a skit for tonight’s, which was good- I haven’t done any script writing in a while. Tuesday we had four hours (two back-to-back sessions, like I taught) of showcase from all the Tuesday night Youth Theatre classes, and tonight marks the stunts & combat class showcase. There is a live sketch as well, but here’s a short video segment we’ll be screening as well:
  • Following the showcase, I get to go to a special preview screening of the new Lincoln movie that’s happening for locals who were extras, etc.

While I was union cavalry, I’m not in the column that appears in the trailer.

  • Incidentally, I also found this clip yesterday, of another project I worked on this last year, where I appear briefly as a slave-seller (separating a family that includes one of my daughter’s friends from school) and mob member:

Watch The Abolitionists Extended Preview on PBS. See more from American Experience.

            While I wasn’t personally involved in any stunt work, I did get to meet in person (we’d met online before) and chat for a bit with the stunt coordinator Jeff Wilhelm, who also appears as the abusive slave driver in the trailer.

  • In other movie news, I’m gearing up -and down- literally for another movie that will be flying me out to Seattle at the end of the month. Included selling them some props of mine they used in the first feature they did:

As well as getting some new props and distressing them… like this:

I’ll be stunt coordinating and acting, and I’m greatly looking forward to seeing and working with my Seattle friends again.

While there I’m also going to run my first two SAFD Skills Proficiency Renewals tests with the fine friends at Performer’s Forge.

  • Lots of props rentals, relatively speaking (I’m a small business), including now filing a UPS insurance claim for a broken Marushin pfc cap firing Uzi, sadly. Didn’t survive a trip to Seattle.
  • I now have a wholesale account with Cas Iberia, pending an initial minimum order I’d like to do. If anyone wants to get in on that, I’ll sell at my cost for now. They’ve got great deals currently on the Tinker Line blunt viking sword and the gambesons…

I’m sure there’s more I’m forgetting, apart from the constant stream of job applications, getting ready for classes next semester at William & Mary, Christopher Newport University, and John Tyler Community College, planning for family birthdays, seeing all the shows that my schools and students are involved in (looking forward to both Pippin and Avenue Q this next week!), etc.

On with the show!


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