Howdy Strangers

Busy or negligent, take your pick. It’s been a while, regardless.

It’s been a crazy Spring. Besides wrapping up my courses at William & Mary, VCU, and CNU (all of which have invited me back) I’ve had on-campus interviews for great positions at great schools (UNC Charlotte and University of Michigan) – unsuccessful, mind you, but it’s good to be in the finalist position, and bodes well for potential future prospects. I’ve taught at multiple regional SAFD workshops (VA Beach Bash and the LA Tech “Crawfish Broil”) and gone to another specialty one to earn my teacher endorsement for the new SAFD Theatrical Firearms Safety curriculum, making me one of 15 such recognized teachers in the society. I’ve written the vast majority of a book, about 350 pages in current draft form, currently under review by a publisher. I’ve taught guest units at several local schools, choreographed/coached fights for a play, coordinated fights for a 35mm short, taken more classes and lessons, seen some good shows, and set up more plans for the future.

Yes, it’s been a very busy three months or so since I last wrote, and I hope there will be more news to share soon. That hope has been a constant this Spring, sometimes realized sometimes not, but always with more coming down the pipe – that fact has kept me from posting almost as much as the fact of my schedule has. Mostly it’s that any free time has gone in to writing for the book instead of the blog (or one of my papers for ATHE, which are still in the works).

Suffice to say that unless any last-minute interim position comes through I’ll likely be in Richmond for another year, so I’ve started hatching schemes with the newly joining Richmond Shakespeare and Henley Street Theatres, as well as lining up with with the local universities, and I am pursuing further training in the LeCoq mask work as well  – I’ll be up in DC next week for a Neutral Mask intensive with Dody DiSanto, and hope to do more of that in the coming year. I’ve learned much, I have much yet to learn, and the path to a sustainable living doing what I love still lies ahead of me… perhaps uphill and a bit craggy at times, but clearly visible and constantly tantalizing.


Here’s to another three months where I’m too busy to blog!


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