Quacks like a duck. Isn’t a duck.

First, as a possible sidebar to the previous post on shell-ejecting airsoft props, I bring you a new development in airsoft: sound effects:

What do you think? Stupid gimmick, or at all useful? Wonder if you could tie that into your lavalier microphone system and actually make it useful for film or stage.

Frankly I’d probably have more fun doing an unarmed fight while wearing one of these:

…which is really just the weaponized version of this:

…either one of which could make for the inspiration for a fun Halloween costume for someone with more money than myself. Sound and fury, signifying nothing.

In closer-to-home news, the manuscript for The Theatrical Firearms Handbook is now in the hands of Focal Press, and will be going from them to a copy editor and a technical editor (to make sure I’m not full of crap or omitting anything terribly important), and I’ll get to take another pass at it based on their feedback. It’s nice to have that off my plate for a bit though.

Also just wrapped fight chore on a Three Musketeers production at Christendom College, having spent two weekends this month working with them. Fun show. Ken Ludwig translation, a version originally choreographed by Richard Ryan at the Old Vic. I resisted the urge to email him and ask how they handled a couple technical challenges, especially since he’s busy working on Vikings Season II I believe.

Still, no rest for the wicked. Other than a little more time at home (thanks to mid-term breaks at William & Mary and CNU) to work on Halloween costumes for the kids (pleated skirts in slick fabric? Who’s bright idea was that?), and mid-term tests & grades, there’s an ATHE proposal for a panel I’m heading up (ATME-sponsored), chapter proposals are due tomorrow for another book I’m co-editing (Physical Dramaturgy), there’s a whole batch of job applications due in the coming weeks, and a lot that I need to do for my classes.

Oh, and some rental business, which is nice to have. Did a bit of a custom re-finish (just a sand and a Dremel really) on a Denix coach gun this morning, to help it pass for a J. Purdy & Sons side-by-side shotgun for a production of Book of Days. Shipped out that and a rubber Remington this afternoon. Before &… well, during – this was before it was done:


Sad to be missing my daughter’s first stab at acting tomorrow afternoon, as she does a kid version of Taming of the Shrew as Kate, with a Shakespeare program at her school. I’ll be an hour and a half drive away, handing a mid-term exam to 25 students who don’t want it (okay, chances are good they won’t all actually be there, which will complicate mid-term grades). Perhaps it’s just as well – I’m happy to have it be her thing and not have Shakespeare be ‘daddy’s thing’. I think for the most part that’s worked out with her and martial arts. It helps that she’s doing a form I only briefly dabbled in (Wing Chun), and she’s now in her third year.
I’m happy to share the things I love with the people I love, but only if they come of their own accord, and I try not to pressure. I’d much rather they find their passion in something more stable and lucrative, anyway; someone’s got to be able to support us in our old age, right?


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