Go West Young(ish… sorta…) Man.

It’s been a busy few months in Fight Designer land; thus the radio silence. Since the last post… the Theatrical Firearms Handbook is in the hands of the copyeditors at Focal Press, having gotten several chapters re-organized and partially re-written thanks to the excellent feedback from Robb Hunter of fellow props company Preferred Arms. We have a cover image now, and a review has been submitted for the Spring issue of The Fight Master.


I’ve also been deputized as Assistant Coordinator for this year’s Virginia Beach Bash stage combat workshop at Regent University. Should be good fun – it certainly has been in the past.

Three Musketeers had a good short run at Christendom College, with a very full cast all all making it through safely. My extra-curricular broadsword class at VCU is coming along well too.

The biggest news, however, is that Fight Designer, LLC will be moving this Summer. I have accepted an offer for a full-time tenure-track Assistant Professor of Acting (and Movement, and Stage Combat) at the University of Wyoming starting Fall 2014. On the props front, I’m greatly looking forward to having a better storage space, maybe a shop, and a dry (rust-inhibiting) climate as home base for the business, but I expect it means I’ll be limited to almost all mail-order business. Things will likely have to shut down for a time this Summer during the move, but if you know ahead of time that you have something fight-heavy coming up, touch base early in the Spring so I can send things your way – it might just mean you get things a bit early, and return them to a different address when you’re done.

It’s been a productive and ultimately successful four years in Richmond; an MFA in Theatre Pedagogy, SAFD Teacher Certification, Theatrical Firearms Safety Instructor certification, an award for fight direction, my SAG-AFTRA card, several publications including my first full book, many conference and workshop presentations, several years of successful and educational teaching experiences at a variety of schools (William & Mary, VCU, CNU) and theatres, and soon, if all goes well, Teacher Certification with the National Michael Chekhov Association – I leave in a few weeks for what may be my final workshop and presentation with them.

Plus, as an added bonus, the family is all alive and still (usually) speaking to each other. That’s no small thing – Grad school, cross-country moves, and multiples (of kids) are all things that have wrecked more than their fair share of marriages.

Off to Broadsword class now, and then packing for another movement workshop (assisting David Leong) at Arena Stage (last one for Mother Courage).

So here’s to growth, and to accomplishment, and to safety, and to keeping what’s important while finding the new. Happy Holidays folks, and may you all have the best in 2014!


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