Beware the Ideas of March

I’ve been negligent on the blog, if justifiably so. Workshops every weekend last month; SETC one weekend, the Cincie Cease & Desist stage combat workshop the next (website’s out of date), LightsUp! Youth open house at Center Stage in Richmond the next (teaching four youth stage combat classes), then assistant coordinating and teaching at the VA Beach Bash last weekend.



Mixed in with that has been some final edits on the book, which is now coming out actually a couple weeks earlier than planned (yay for being on top of things!), fight choreo for a few shows (Getting Away With Murder has now closed, Clybourne Park opens next week at W&M, Detroit just had a few production meetings so far and Robin Hood starts soon), some rental gigs (including some customizations I hope to make a separate post about soon), and my five classes I’m teaching this semester (four for credit, one for an SAFD certificate). Add to that some planning for next Fall (picking textbooks, online audition screening for scholarships, and soon looking at houses & schools in Laramie), the usual family stuff, and the life things that happen (like a bunch of work on my bicycle) and it’s been a bit busy.

One of the bits of gossip I got at the Beach Bash, from an Irish stuntman (worked on Vikings amongst many other projects) who I met on To Have & To Hold, was that tH&tH might actually come out next Fall. Would love to see that finally. That was where I earned my SAG card, doing about a week’s worth of ND Stunts.


So it’s been a great month of meeting stunt & stage combat friends both old & new, playing with both people & toys, and doing creative work. Short on sleep perhaps, but when you’re freelance that’s better than the alternative by far, and I’m extremely lucky to be getting to do what I love for a living. More actual content soon perhaps, but that at least gets us caught up and reminds folks I’m still alive and [usually fake] kicking!



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