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First, just as a PSA; Fight Designer, LLC is in the process of packing up for the Summer. The props will be going into storage for a few months while the move is made to Wyoming – the eventual new home will have tons more space, which I’m very much looking forward to, but in the meantime there will be a cross-country move (with three kids and two cats, taking about five days probably) and a rental property of some sort (TBA) for a couple months, while the new construction is being (partially) finished (the basement level is going to be up to me to finish later). SO… if you want to rent something, let me know soon, so I can keep stuff out for you. I’ll happily make you a deal if it means you can hold on to stuff until I’m in my new home, the ship it to me there. Less stuff to move.


On a similarly PSA sort of note… or perhaps more informercial, but I prefer to think of it as just a quick podcast, this video I made yesterday has been getting a fair bit of love on Facebook already. It was inspired by an image and a paragraph in Chapter Two of the Theatrical Firearms Handbook, and I’ve been meaning to make it for a while now. Having finished, I can finally pack the rest of my 1911s and drink those damn beers.

I’ve already had a couple  requests for more podcasts along these lines. If you’re interested, feel free to chime in with any questions or requests, although props stuff may be hard while I’m in transition. As for the book, the e-book version should be coming out soon as well, for those who have an overriding fear of paper-cuts (but not of prop firearms). I’d had some great feedback personally, but would love a few more Amazon reviews too if anyone has the time and inclination.


I also re-did my demo reel recently to include a snippet from TURN (my six seconds of fame for the year, I suppose, and my first “swordmaster” credit on IMDB) and at least some still grabs from Lincoln, The Abolitionists, and other projects from my time here in Virginia – as well as JourneyQuest, which I had missed before.


My third Robin Hood has now closed, and I’ll give a post-mortem on the props for that later since I was trying out a few new things. Detroit with Cadence (in partnership with VA Rep) has a little time left – mostly I was designing blood effects and advising on a few pratfall-type gags on that one; no real fights. Great cast.

With the semester done and grades in, there’s just a couple one-day gigs left in town before I move, with a possible Rapier & Dagger  SAFD Certificate intensive as well if we can pull that together in June. Contact me if you’re interested in that.







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