Old things put out to stable

I dream of a time when not every job has to be a rush job, while I also suspect such a time may not come for decades… when old age will add its own sense of urgency.

In the meantime, that remains the status quo, whether it be a crossbow prop that gets used in a Robin Hood play (still want to do more on this when I have time) a Maciejowski falchion I’m modifying for a production of Richard III, a scene analysis for an upcoming Michael Chekhov workshop, or what have you. Doesn’t help that I’ve already packed all my props – and then had to un-pack several times to find items for several gigs, including film shorts and that Richard III with Richmond Shakes/Henley St. Theatre.


Signed copies of the book remain available at $35 shipped within the contiguous 48 states – I’d rather not have to move my remaining copies – and props are still theoretically available to those willing to return them by shipping them to me in Wyoming.

I’ve been working my first opera – a pro-bono job for my daughter’s school – as well as musical, film and stage productions, a couple teaching gigs, and the ongoing packing saga, as well as attempted downsizing (eBay isn’t ideal, but it works).

While I haven’t had the luxury of time I’d expected during this Summer, I have been able to keep up better on Facebook and other social media, including noting the current trend towards stabilized footage. Not only has this included items of historical note, like the JFK assassination, but also plenty of fiction and cinema; things like Cloverfield, the torpedo/ship attach scenes from Star Trek and Star Trek: TNG, and more. It’s gone from a video camera and editing feature to a readily-available tweak for old archival footage.




Any volunteers to post a stabilized Bourne Supremacy? Unlike Star Trek and Cloverfield, that would actually improve things…


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