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With the local 48hr film fest rapidly approaching again (and no, I’m not planning on working any projects this year) I found that last year’s entry is now online, after being held back from public view post-contest while they used it to promote other projects. It was a pretty miserable, long, day of shooting, but I’ve gotta say the footage looks gorgeous, and it was the most ambitious 48hr film fest project I’ve ever seen attempted, let alone successfully accomplished. It won an audience award last year, but nothing from the judges.

Readers of The Theatrical Firearms Handbook may recognize a few things – I included one still, and the many of the props I used in the book were also supplied for the film. The practical SIG ARs in the book were the ones rented for this gig – wish we’d gotten to play more with them actually, but the only shot that ended up appearing on film is the one in the hallway, despite them renting two of the rifles and buying a box or two of .223 blanks.

For the two-shot kill (seeing both characters in frame) I supplied a shell-ejecting airsoft, a prop I was pretty happy with but haven’t gotten to use much yet. Hoping I’ll be able to find more armourer & gun wrangler gigs even while in Laramie next year, but we’ll see how that goes.


In other news, choreo continues on Richard III with Richmond Shakespeare/Henley St Theatre. Getting to use a rarely-used prop there too, although I ended up doing some customization for it; I bought a pair of Maciejowski Bible style falchions ages ago, and so far they’d only been used as Goblin weapons in Dorkness Rising. They were originally two-handed though, and our Richard III, like many, has a crutch, so I needed a single-hand sword for him.



To make it a managable weight & balance I had to not only grind down the edges a bit more, but add a proper pommel for counter-balancing it. I had some scrap brass chunks left over from previous projects, so that seemed doable. Saw the forward falcata-like sweep of some of the historical examples, and to get at least a vague reference to that shape, decided to run with Richard III’s Boar heraldry as a motif.




The actor then requested a thicker grip, so I did a leather wrap job on it, and it seemed to be working well enough for him this week. The show opens in a couple weeks, with most of the cast & director on break this week so they can open The Complete Works (Abridged) this weekend.




Did a brief armored combat demo for a boy scout gathering this last week, as a very last-minute thing I got talked into to bail other folks out who had agreed to do a fight show but had no partner, plan, props, costumes, or experience. I’d already turned down the job a week prior because I didn’t think I could do a job I’d be proud of, but in the end it worked out fine… despite the fight partner who’d been the one who agreed to the gig wandering in a few minutes after the job was supposed to start, and doing it in his shorts & t-shirt (no time to change into the costume stuff I’d brought for him). Professionalism, folks; allow extra time to get somewhere you’ve never been before, and arrive early – especially when you’re going to have to do an otherwise unrehearsed job!


I’m sure there’s pictures floating around from that somewhere online, but haven’t seen any yet. Didn’t have time to get my later-era harness up and fight-worthy (it needs a few fixes) so went with the maille hauberk plus pauldrons and gauntlets and helm, which was enough to make them happy, and for many of them to want a chance to get a picture of themselves wearing it (they did)… and for them to be amazed at how heavy it is (to them). The good thing about it being an 8am gig was that it wasn’t too hot yet, at least. I remember some very hot summers in Camlann Medieval Faire’s one-size-fits-none armor a decade or so ago…

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