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My handful of posts on this blog about front-fire blank guns have been consistently some of the most popular entries, according to my WordPress stats. Those of you who have read them know that the biggest importer, if not sole importer, of front-venting blank props is Maxsell.


It’s a small business based in Florida, which was at the center of the big Glock lawsuit over the vaguely-Glock-like Zoraki blank guns that I wish I’d gotten ahold of before they were Glock-blocked (and summarily destroyed). And now it sounds like he’s in trouble again, and I’m worried that it might end up being bigger bad news for all the theatres and indie-filmmakers who have benefited from the brief window of opportunity for US purchases of the front-venting versions of blank guns Europe has enjoyed for decades. Stock is already way down at all the online vendors I know, and if Maxsell goes under there may not be anyone brave enough to tackle the bureaucracy and fill the void.

However, rather than do my own full write-up, I’m going to direct you over to the blog of my friend Jay, who runs Jay the Barbarian, and has already done as good a job of writing this up as I could. Readers of the Theatrical Firearms Handbook may well recognize Jay’s name, as he’s cited in it several times.

Suffice to say, anyone who knows people to call, email, petition, or otherwise lean on should do so, and help guide the rest of us; these props help our industry, and keep a lot of people from doing riskier things with real guns when they want that muzzle flash. I just ordered a couple more, despite the bad timing for Fight Designer, both to show my support and to make sure I don’t lose out like I did with the other Zoraki model. I encourage all of you who can to buy his stuff that IS in stock now, both while the company is in business (worst case scenario) and to help them with legal fees, etc. (best case scenario) HERE. (full disclosure – that’s my FighDesigner referral link, so I get a kickback there too. You can order directly as well.)


So here, without further ado, is the BARBARIAN LABS WRITEUP OF THE ISSUE.





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    Thank you for your comments.
    If you want to read the whole story please got to
    I have written a parody of this insane government targeting but do not have the cinematic knowledge to have it filmed
    It could probably go viral on Youtube.
    The offer to read the story board is open to all those who are interested. I will email the rough story board to you on request.
    Stay well,
    Vico Confino

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