Cowboy Country.


So it’s been a while. For anyone not following me or Fight Designer, LLC on Facebook or otherwise in contact… I’ve moved. I’m now pretty well established in Laramie, WY; been in the new job at the University of Wyoming almost a month, ditto with the new house, and it’s about a month and a half in Laramie now. Need to figure out how to change all the little sub-menus on all my web accounts to reflect that, including the little info bar to the right. Soon.

The props inventory is still in boxes in the garage, with the exception of some odds & ends I’ve already pulled for classes. It’ll likely remain that way until I get the unfinished basement finished, something I’ve put most of my free time into, but that still just means most of one main room with drywall hung and not taped – it’ll be a while. Something about full teaching load, directing a show, raising a family and then both my wife and I also getting sick for a few weeks… it slows you down.

That said, I’m loving the new job, will love the house once I can get more of the downstairs done, and there’s plenty to like about the town already. Amazing stars at night, on the way home from rehearsals. Bunnies and antelope everywhere. Anywhere in town is just a short drive, or slightly longer bike, away. Sunset over mountains. Plenty of places to get coffee if you have the time.

I’m looking forward to seeing where this all takes me, and hopefully to maintaining an active professional career on the side, including travel to… wherever there’s professional work. Would love to do more freelance directing, fight direction, workshop teaching, stunt work, etc. and my position should let me do that if I can land the jobs long-distance. All of you please keep in touch.

Props rentals will continue, mostly via internet & mail, given the scarcity of local projects. I’ve actually got some great new toys to play with, when I have the time to dig them out and get things up & running again. Hoping to get connected with the University groups that are doing short videos as well.

Got my first book statement as well (payment to follow next month I think) for The Theatrical Firearms Handbook; sounds like about 1,000 copies out there now, although I’m not sure how it breaks down in terms of paper vs. e-books. First print run was about 3,000, so if this rate keeps up we should get a second printing soon, which might also let me sneak in a few more minor corrections or updates. It’s now been reviewed by The Fight Master (journal of the Society of American Fight Masters) and Theatre Topics, as well as the smattering of consumer reviews on Amazon, B&, Goodreads, etc.

Those of you who participate in theatre conferences, I hope to see you this year; I’ll be doing lots of thespian festivals around CO, TX, and WY, as well as SETC and wherever else we might be able to recruit good students. It’s an interesting program we’ve got going here, and I’ll be doing what I can to help spread the word.


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