WYO Catch-up… and Workshop!

Obviously I’ve been neglecting my industry blog. It’s been an exciting academic year, one that draws to a close in just a few weeks. To allow for a few highlights:

  1. Directing The Liar
  2. Participating in the recruiting process, including TX Thespians, CO Thespians, and other events. I look forward to seeing some of those students starting in the Fall.
  3. My first ACTF festival (Region VII), including teaching several successful workshops, and watching our students win several awards. One went on to nationals and won an award there as well.
  4. Teaching classes both new and old to me and to the University, including Beginning Acting, Intermediate Acting, Acting Styles, Acting for the Camera, and Stage Combat: Broadsword. Acting for the Camera has also given me the pretense to learn more about not just the acting side but also practice shooting & editing scenes.
  5. Taking a group of our students on tour with a Shakespeare show around various cities in Wyoming… and some locations in-between.
  6. The continuing process of discovering our local resources: Community Theatre organizations, Filmmaker groups, locations, etc. and I’m still just getting started. If the last move (from Seattle to Richmond) is any indication it probably will take about two years. Then again, it may be a smaller community to meet out here.
  7. Getting the props space set up finally. It’s still a work in progress, but they finally have their own room again, and with a garage as well, I’ll have some shop space too.
  8. Being elected SAFD Regional Representative for the Rocky Mountain Region.
  9. Getting to return to the Paddy Crean Workshop as a student, thanks to the Eagle Scholarship. I did teach one evening class while there, but it was great just to get to study again, and to revisit the international workshop series I’ve been involved in almost every time (it’s typically biannual, and I’ve only missed one) since 1998/99.
  10. Returning to the VA Beach Bash as Assistant Coordinator again (second year doing that). I got to co-teach some classes as well for the first time there, including a gun disarm/retention class with former SWAT officer Dave White and one on acting injuries and deaths with SAFD President David Brimmer. Plus got to have some good silly fun. Between these two events, the Paddy and the Bash, I’ve been fortunate to get time to reconnect with the peers, mentors, and students who’ve helped me get where I am, and who I miss now that I’m there. Or here.
  11. And the big upcoming item… Starting the inaugural University of Wyoming Stage Combat Workshop!


This year’s a pilot project really, bringing in Fight Master Geof Alm from Seattle for the weekend (he’ll be adjudicating our Broadsword class as a part of this) and Fight Director Geoff “Jefe” Kent from Denver on Sunday… but if it proves to be something there’s interest for, and/or if the grant application goes through for next year, I’ve got some grand plans for where I’d like to see this become as an annual regional workshop event.

Otherwise life continues; I just performed in a staged reading of a newish Bill Downs play tonight (and then caught up on Vikings so I can follow what Richard Ryan’s been up to), and will be acting in two of the three Snowy Range Summer Theatre shows and teaching for the High School Institute this Summer. Did a few brief fight moments for our production of Candide that opens next week. Shipping occasional rentals around the country, but still no local business, and the University isn’t allowed to rent from me due to conflict of interest rules. Proposing a class on filming action scenes for Summer 2016. Finding ways to stay professionally engaged as best I can.

Hoping to have time to do another little video podcast after classes end, now that I’ve been playing with my video setup more. Any requests for topics? Thinking I might do something about airsofts as props, especially the shell ejecting versions.


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