Hang it all, man!

As it always is, it’s been a busy beginning of semester. This year’s mainstage directing for me will be Legacy of Light, a charming story that even now still makes me happy and hits me in the feels, something a script can’t always do when you’ve been living with it as just words on a page for months. Show is now cast, and we had a first read-through last night. One small sword fight, which surprisingly I’ve yet to actually think about much, but it’s certainly not a fight show. Might be time to do one of those soon; maybe I’ll throw Coriolanus or something like that out there for next year. This show makes a great subject for my National Michael Chekhov Association Teacher Certification capstone project, to hopefully finish out what I started several years go. Lots of imagination, radiating love and inspiration, etc…. and for the capstone, lots of documentation, analysis, and exercises to run with the cast, all of which I’m plugging away at as I can.

Took some time this week to do a bit of leather & metalwork though, which is something I haven’t done in a while what with the work the new house needed (still needs, but to a lesser degree) and other obligations. Rented out my main workhorse rapier hanger though, and as I’m teaching both Acting Styles (including Elizabethan and Restoration) and Stage Combat (Unarmed and Rapier & Dagger) this semester, I’ll need to teach people how to walk with a sword on their hip. Still have three or four boxes of leather in the garage, most of it having been moved at least twice (Seattle to Richmond to Wyoming), so turning some of that into decent rapier hangers seemed a worthy endeavor. None are done, but one is complete enough to wear and for me to use as a proof of concept, and another is already in the works:

FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRender

The hooks aren’t quite right historically-speaking, but that’s probably in my brainstorming I ended up forging them (sort of – propane torch and mini-anvil and ball-peen hammer can only do so much) out of door latch hook-and-eye hooks, and let that influence the final shape. If I do more I’ll probably just try to start with heavy gauge wire and make them less long, more round. Still need to work on peening heavy rivets too. Pain getting them to stay true. Still, the steel one (on the left) holds a sword (in this case a Hanwei) very securely and with little flopping, even if I hop around a bit, and the design means I can take the sword off relatively easy while leaving on the belt. As a part of this I threw together a bunch of examples on Pinterest; if anyone’s looking for ideas or inspiration for their own here it is, and there’s plenty more like it.

Also got to see proofs this week for the upcoming issue of The Fight Master, the SAFD journal, since I have an article that will be in it. Looks like we might get some nice pictures from the UW broadsword class running in it too.

Oh, and got yet another residuals check for TURN just in time for Labor Day. Go Union (SAG-AFTRA), and belated Happy Labor Day!


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