Spring Updates

Since it’s been a while, and I’d rather not clutter up my next themed post with personal updates, here’s a quickie on the last few months for anyone wondering:

UWYO Stage Combat Workshop – this year it was held in mid-April, which was in retrospect a mistake; we got hammered by a huge snowstorm. One of our instructors, Tim Pinnow, couldn’t make it from Colorado (they closed Vail pass 15 minutes before he got to it), and we also lost a car of students from CO Mesa that were going to be following him up here. Both Fight Master Brian Byrnes and Certified Teacher/Stuntman Mike Yahn had complications to their travel, but they arrived mid-morning on Saturday, and were able to join our small but intrepid band for the rest of the weekend. We lost some Cheyenne students I think as well, and the “no unnecessary travel” warning may have cost us some locals too. We had a great time with mostly screen-based action, covering gunplay, knife, single-sword, and unarmed, and all of the students (including one up from Denver who was renewing) passed their tests, with some recommended passes in there for our SPR. It was great for me to work with both Yahn and Byrnsie, as these are pretty much my main chance at professional development as well, getting to see what others at the top of their fields (in more active markets than Laramie WY) are doing.

Speaking of Professional Development, I did also finish up my teacher certification with the National Michael Chekhov Association this semester.

Shows – I’ve participated in a couple staged readings in town, choreographed fights for a community theatre performance of God of Carnage, and was doing fight choreography for the University’s own original musical this Spring, Angry Psycho Princesses, but that number ended up getting cut before the run. In a small market like this, you’re glad for whatever work you can get.

Directing-wise, I’m already in full swing on design decisions and ore-production for the first Fall show, The Comedy of Errors, and also the last of our summer season shows, I Ought to Be in Pictures.

Classes – This was a great semester for getting to play to my strengths, having both an Advanced Stage Combat and a Movement class. I also did a couple small stage combat guest artist things at a local youth theatre, and am planning a bit more with them for this Summer.

One new class I’m looking at proposing for next year would be an intro to filmmaking in the Spring. Timing could be pretty good – there’s a screenwriting class being offered in the Fall (a one-off), and I’ll be teaching Acting for the Camera in the Spring as well. Trying to find ways to create a more active video production scene here.

Writing – Having dropped out of the Physical Dramaturgy book project last Fall, after being co-editor for a couple years of bringing the project to life, I was recently asked if I could still contribute a chapter. Routledge liked the proposal. Working on that now, as well as updates for a pending second print run of The Theatrical Firearms Handbook.





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