The Things that Matter, & the Things that Don’t.

Things that probably don’t matter: The design of this blog. Feel free to argue with me here, but I opted not to keep paying for the custom design layout I had before, and you can see the difference easily. I’m guessing there’s some way I can go back and make it at least a little nicer still, but I’m not sure when or if that will happen. Frankly, I haven’t been posting regularly enough to justify the expense.

Things that matter:

People, and the things they do.

339bf44b0c02f986eb15d1fa61f2b488Those of us who have been in the business of stage combat long enough remember when American Fencer’s Supply/AmFence, was the main go-to for theatrical swords (well, that and Starfire anyway, and it seems like they’re now transitioning). Their stock still serves loyally in many a theatre and school, and I have a few of their blades on swords in my Fight Designer inventory.

Kevin Kline’s sword as the Pirate King in the 1983 movie production of The Pirates of Penzance was made by American Fencers Supply Co., and it was a modification of this hilt.

Like many of us, the people who run AmFence have other projects they’re involved in as well; Matthew Porter served as an armorer for the US Fencing Team, for example, and was just down with them in Rio.

Sadly, he had to come home to… well, a lack of a home. And like me, it would appear he ran much of his business out of his home.

Story here:

Member of U.S. Olympic team returns to find home destroyed in Clayton Fire (with video)

SF Chronicle story.


Photos via SF Chronicle


And here’s the link to their GoFundMe page to help support them.


My heart goes out to Mr. Porter, and I wish them the best in recovering their home and livelihood.






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