Comedy of Errors

Several things have been keeping me busy of late, perhaps excusing the lack of posts here, but the man in one would be our first Fall production at the University of Wyoming, William Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors, slightly edited and re-staged to fit a completely modern setting. Here’s a brief unofficial promo I threw together for it around 1am Friday night, after our first dress rehearsal:

We open Tuesday, and run through a matinee next Sunday. Tickets available at or at the box office.

It’s been a good opportunity for me to try out some of me new video capabilities, playing with the Sony a6300 I bought a couple months ago. Given time, I’ll probably make a post of all that later, for indie filmmakers interested in using the a6300 – it was a shift for me, going from a Canon 60D DSLR to the Sony mirrorless, but so far I’m happy with it’s ability to do the things I want it to do. I’ve yet to make full use of its capabilities, since I don’t have the software to handle 4K footage, for example, but it’s good I’m getting more comfortable with it now, since I’m anticipating doing some videography for the Paddy Crean workshop this winter, and planning to run a filmmaking class this Spring.

If anyone is local, come to the show and say hi!



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