Blank firing penetration test

So in the Theatrical Firearms Workshop this afternoon, someone asked, after seeing some of the paper tests, if a blank would tear the same kind of hole through skin and flesh, or if we’re harder than paper.

Good question, I said. Thankfully, I’ve never had to find out. I also didn’t happen to have any ballistic gel handy.

I did remember that from my martial arts background, water bottles or milk jugs filled with water are often used for cutting tests, as they supposedly approximate the resistance you’d get from cutting at a person. One of the students happened to have an empty small Pepsi bottle, so we tried that. I imagine that a milk jug, being softer, would probably have been penetrated, but this was not. The first shot, at a distance of a few inches from the muzzle of the Retay XR front-venting 9mmPAK blank gun, knocked the thing back, blew off some of the wrapper, and singed the plastic, but did not change its shape at all. The second, at point blank, did deform it a bit, whether due to heat or pressure.


And just for kicks, here’s another student with a top-venting Asi also in slow-mo:


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