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Coming out of hiding for a quick post – there’s been a fair bit of interest in blank firing gun reviews, state-of-the-market posts, etc. so here’s a video I put together after rehearsal the other day. You can tell from the circles around the eyes and tendency to ramble that I’m tired, but these are some models I think will be perfect for your indie film projects.

There’s a backlog of posts I intend/ed to post, and may catch up on some time, but for now I’m working 13-15 hour days most of the week, so there’s not much time for producing social media content (unless it’s for work – I’ve done a few video trailers for them this year).

But with luck and time, there will be more about the shows I’m working on, the video gear I’ve been playing with, the Paddy Crean workshop, and some general stuff on props I’ve been meaning to write up (like how to best pack and ship them), as well as perhaps a companion piece to the New York Times article on Falling that I was interviewed for last year.



  1. Sergio Rodriguez
    Posted March 22, 2017 at 4:06 am | Permalink

    As always another perfect blank gun fire review

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