Falling Again

Tis the season for ice once again! It’s been a busy half year since I took time to do any updates, but here’s a few:

One of the NPR reporters for Here and Now took a bad spill on some ice this week, and started looking around for advice on how to mitigate things like that. She pretty quickly came across the piece in the New York Times that I was interviewed for last year. I got an email from one of her producers on Wednesday asking for an interview, and by 7am Thursday I was in a studio at Wyoming Public Radio, being interviewed by Robin Young (who is in Boston) about falling. Two pieces came out of that, the radio spot that aired and a more print-friendly piece. As with the NYT piece, there’s plenty of people asking for video, so if I ever have extra free time (hah!) that’s maybe something I should look into…

Amongst the projects I’ve been busy with this last 7 months:

I directed The Fantasticks for the Snowy Range Summer Theatre.

19420602_10154414056526557_1230039512612078527_nWe received meritorious achievement awards from the American College Theatre Festival Region VII for my directing, the ensemble, the music direction, and more, but it was clouded by controversy over the show’s built-in use of “Indian” disguises for the abduction scene, which is something that deserves a thesis more than a passing mention in a blog post, but I don’t have time for that now. I assistant directed a show for the new playwrights festival at the Kennedy Center in DC this summer. I co-directed the original production of Fascism! The Musical this Fall with the writer and songwriter at the University of Wyoming:

(there’s a playlist of teaser clips I made there if you want to keep poking around)

As this is ostensibly a stage combat, stunts, and prop weaponry industry blog, I’ll also point out that what was going to be “a props light show” ended up having a full SWAT team at the finale, plus another number about guns on campus.


I’m in the midst of directing A Bright Room Called Day now.

I’ve gotten another book contract, which I’ve yet to really start, and will share more about later. Published another article in The Fight Master. Got a chapter in for a book on Physical Dramaturgy that should come out this year. I attended the biennial SAG-AFTRA National Convention as an elected delegate from the CO Local (where I’m also a board member now), as well as four regional theatre conferences/festivals (WY State Drama, TX Thespians, N. TX Auditions, CO ThesCon), gave some workshops on campus for our High School Open House, created a video montage and started a longer documentary style project for the Paddy Crean International Stage Combat Workshops:

I’m sure I’m forgetting some things in there… but it’s been a pretty full summer and Fall!


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