Overdue Update

Grabbing a moment of quiet to post a long-overdue update/announcement; for those who don’t have other contact with me and don’t already know, I’m leaving my position at the University of Wyoming this summer, and will be starting a new one in the Fall at Case Western Reserve University, in Cleveland, Ohio. I’ll be primarily serving as the movement and stage combat specialist for the MFA program run in conjunction with Cleveland Playhouse, but also teaching some in the BA program as well.

I’m very much looking forward to the expanded opportunities in theatre and film that will be available to me in Cleveland – a huge step up from Laramie, Wyoming at any rate. There are some things I’ll miss, and this does mean stepping down from the SAG-AFTRA CO Local board, stepping down as Rocky Mountain regional representative for the SAFD (the capable Samantha Ann Egle is taking my place), and the end of the UWYO Stage Combat Workshop that I founded and ran for my four years here. But I think it’s something that needs to happen, for a wide range of reasons, ranging from state politics and budget issues in Wyoming, administrative and department-level politics, work/life balance, and more.

These moves are always stressful and complicated, but I really think this will be an improvement once the dust settles. Fight Designer props is temporarily shut down and will re-open for business some time in the Fall, as an Ohio-based business.

New props projects are also on hold, as everything’s had to be packed up. As always, there’s a list of things I’d love to get to given the chance – blade blanks to hilt up, a YouTube channel I was going to develop and switch most of my theatrical firearms stuff over to (PewTube!), etc. and there’s a new book I’m needing to buckle down and really start on in earnest. I’ve got a series of puppetry workshops I’m running for a high school group in Laramie before we move at the end of the month, as well. Busy, exciting times!


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