Video Updates for the Holidays

As we head into the holiday season, I leave you with a few new video entries for my YouTube channels. First and most freshly updated, a bit on the Tinker Line swords from Cas/Hanwei, in their various iterations:


I’ve shared various in-progress thoughts about these swords here over the years, but now you can see them in motion at least.

And in a few days I’ll probably have a holiday-themed video up on PewTube, the Theatrical Firearms Channel I run – based around every gun guy’s favorite Christmas movie, Die Hard.


Need to find a way to fit better in that basement space, or else another space I can shoot where I can readily access my props and not have kids or cats wander into frame. That basement ceiling is just too low, so I’m compressing myself a bit to fit, which just accents the little paunch I’ve developed this past decade or so…

In other news, my first semester here at Case Western Reserve University and the CWRU/Cleveland Playhouse MFA Acting program is coming to a close. Still a fair bit of grading and such to do, and lots to catch up on that I’ve been putting off, but classes are done, and the final testing is now finished for everything. This week Fight Master Richard Ryan came in to adjudicate our MFA cohort’s Skills Proficiency Tests in Unarmed and Rapier & Dagger, something that’s a rare treat given his usual crazy schedule of film and tv work. He’d just wrapped the final season of Vikings, and the timing worked out well. It’s funny, I actually interviewed for a job at UNC Charlotte before I got the Wyoming gig, and was sad when I didn’t get it in part because I’d hoped it’d be an in to playing more with Richard and maybe getting on set with him. Turns out his wife has quit the department since, so that was a nice vindication in how life may be steering me in good directions after all.

He’s still figuring out what comes next, but Vikings has been a great ride for him, and a fun one for the rest of us to follow:




My students didn’t do their best work the day of the test, yet all passed, and that in a strange way makes me prouder; they didn’t have to do their best work to pass, and in live theatre, that’s important. We had six recommended passes and ten basic passes, which I think is a solid start for stage combat here at Case. I hope to keep building on that in the years to come, and have put in my first grant application here for some broadswords to add to the armoury. I’ll have an undergraduate intro to stage combat class next semester, which won’t test, but which has already filled.

And soon I’m off to the Paddy. This will mark 20 years of me going to this workshop, and of the insight and community there helping to buoy and steer my career. I’m greatly looking forward to being back! This year’s theme is The Road Ahead (the last one being In The Footsteps of Giants), and we’re making some real changes – the first being that it’s no longer billed as the Paddy Crean International Stage Combat Workshop, but just the Paddy Crean International Workshop, as it’s come to mean a diverse mix of stage combat, stunts, theatrical movement, martial arts (European and otherwise), modern combatives, and now Theatrical Intimacy as well. My next post may well be a post-workshop report.

Happy Holidays to all!



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