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News of the Fightdesigner:

Props stuff has been busy, after a lull that was partly explained when I realized I didn’t check my spam folder for all of February. Mixed in amongst the website contact messages about sexy singles, bitcoin, and increasing my web traffic were a few legitimate rental inquiries, most of which I’d now missed. My sincere apologies to those in that boat, and I now have a calendar reminder to check my spam folder weekly…

On the other hand, I’ve now sent off rare blank firing props to an opera in Georgia (the pair of blank firing black powder style dueling pistols from the first PewTube episode, which I’ve now sold them and which at some point I’ll need to replace…) and to a premiere of a show down in Florida (two select fire machine pistols, an Umarex Chief’s Special in brushed steel, and a few other revolvers), and I have about 4K worth of cutlasses also down in Florida for a pirate-themed corporate thing a buddy is doing. Found at least one thing I never got up on the website, and un-found (can’t find) something that is, which is driving me bonkers wondering where I packed it during the move out here. But getting some business is good. Granted, I still haven’t caught up from how much I overspent last year on the business.

Choreography-wise, I had the pleasure of helping Dobama briefly with a slap in The Nether which opens this weekend, with Karamu‘s Two by Tennessee that’s currently running, and I’ve just started rehearsals for Gloria at Cleveland Public Theatre and production meetings for Aida at Karamu (the musical, not the opera). Probably starting on As You Like It soon too, for the undergrad show here at Case Western Reserve. I held a little demo thing on stage combat for Cleveland Playhouse during their run of Sherwood, and will likely get to work on one of their shows next year.

The Banff Centre has shared the video their crew made during the last half of the Paddy Crean Workshop this past year:

The videos Lawrence and I generated every day are also now up on youtube on the official IOSP channel:

…as are the videos I made from the previous workshop (well, the documentary and the montage mainly)

This weekend is the Mid-Atlantic Theatre Conference which is here in Cleveland this year, so I’ll be going to my first MATC and presenting a few things.

PewTube is up to 14 episodes now, and I’ve been almost able to keep up with the one-a-week plan.

There are playlists within it that also include some of the stuff I did in the FightDesigner channel before starting PewTube, as well as stuff from other content producers. Will any of this help bring in business or make money? Meh. Who knows? Some of it has already been useful in being able to send a video to a client with questions about a specific type of prop. I did have my first Skype consultation about prop guns a couple weeks ago, so maybe video is going to be an increasingly common tool, especially as the guest artist budget is slashed at many colleges.

SO, that’s my way of procrastinating for 20 minutes by just writing down things that are already mostly done. To sleep or to try to get more done now, that’s the question…

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